DSP offers a wide array of pre- and post production services ranging from full scale television series and feature films to music videos and sizzle reels both scripted and unscripted .

DSP creates uniquely strong formatted content by accessing a talented and skillful team of industry professionals from top directors, writers, cinematographers, editors and casting directors on all of it’s productions.

Doc Serrot Productions originally got into television programming by documenting the behind the scenes of DSP music, nightlife and fashion events and took the knowledge of overall event production and applied it to the film world by creating exciting television content.


DSP has an extensive background in television and film production including film financing, development as well as pre and post production.

DSP is behind various television series including, creating and producing ┬áseason 1 of “Fashion Dolls”available to over 400 million viewers in 170 countries across the world on the Fashion One network. ┬áDSP and its affiliates have also produced numerous genres of independent films that have been showcased at the Los Angeles, Sundance, and Cannes Film Festivals.




Whether producing “a day in the life of” content or showcasing competition based shows DSP specializes in a vast range of Docu-series programming.